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Our aproach on a traditional lambic basket is a 3D printed, modulable basket ideal to serve 75cl bottles. A need to have for every sour tooth & beer geek alike. 

We have a selection of different colors, our "house colors", which will be distributed at random.

An empty basket is a lousy gift, so we've put together a small list of delightful funky stuff bottles for you to choose from.

Hespebay (fr) - Dada Doré / blond beer with rice
Tommie Sjef (nl) - Voor / spontaneously fermented, blended & barrel aged beer with plums

Ammonite (fr) - Vendage Abricot 2022 / wild ale with apricots
Insight Cellars (dk) - Pot & Column:  Kriek / barbados rum b.a. wild ale with cherry
Casey (usa) - Funky Blenders Preserve: Merlot / barrel aged wild ale with merlot grapes

Oud Beersel (be) - Wild Dry Cider: Furmint & Harslevelü / cider matured on grapes that previously macerated on lambic

Fruktstereo (dk) - Cider Stardust / dry cider
Cidrerie du Leguer (fr) - Accident / dry but fruity cider


PrijsVanaf 18,00 €
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