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This will be something you do not want to miss for the world. MALZ offers you an all-in beer dining experience* on Sunday 31/12. Join us & celebrate the new year together with friends, family & MALZ!

We welcome you with a home made aperitif Beer Cocktail & an accompanying amuse. Afterwards you can enjoy a six course meal with paired beers. Bread, butter & water are included.

At midnight we cheer to the new year with a fine glass of beer.

Er zijn op dit moment geen geplande evenementen

* we offer the choice between beer pairings or alcohol-free    

    alternatives. We also offer vegetarian alternatives.


apero & beer cocktail



carrot soup - goat's cheese - honey beer vinegar

roasted beetroot - duck maigret - sheep's milk queso

 kriek vinaigrette - kale - pumpkin seeds


razor clam  ‘michelada’

hot sauce - granny smith - celery


roasted leek - tahini - yoghurt

confit lemon - peanut gremolata 


roe deer ragu - horseradish puree - roasted turnip

buttermilk panna cotta - pear - pecan - dulce de leche 

-- -- --

all paired drinks, water, bread & butter are included

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